Having been off the grid, shifting countries, I’ve finally found the time for some much needed inspiration. I still vividly remember my introduction to projection mapping and thanks to last year’s Resonate experience, I’ve since been a fan of Kimchi and Chips and their exquisite projection mapping exercises. That is until I stumbled upon this! Andrien Mondot’s Hakanai – a take on everything which denotes ephemeral, transitory and fragile. The choreographed performance installation combines video projection mapping, CGI, and sensors to dynamically respond to the movements and proximity of its performer.

Adrien has also developed eMotion, a tool for creating interactive motions of objects for live visual performances. Interestingly, the creation of motion in the program is laid on a physical model/ physical forces when applied to objects.

Projection mapping

Excuse me while I play the program. x


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