Inside Job

Undoubtedly one of the best documentaries I’ve seen. An eye opener and an excellent study material in understanding the role of bankers and financial officers in todays economy.



Sleepless in New York?

Bankers are a busy lot. They travel, close deals, handle mergers, NDA’s, golf with the client … and amidst all catch forty winks before the next day unfolds. The Benjamin Hotel in New York, a mere 14 minutes drive from Wall Street should provide you with a service called Sleep Concierge.
After all, sleep is important!

Benjamin hotel sleep concierge

The luxury service addresses any of your sleep related queries and offers a menu of 12 pillows, categorized by whether you’re a side, back or stomach sleeper, all designed to help travelers rest better. Popular on the menu is the Swedish Memory created by NASA. Cloud, which gives you a feeling of sleeping on air. It has tiny holes inside that move so the moment you press your face on the pillow it forms a perfect cushion. Lullaby Pillow. It has speakers in it so you can hook it up to your iPad or musical device and listen to music or audio books. Hypo-Allergenic pillow specifically designed for people with allergies.

Welcome to the age of advanced experience service!