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With the Google street cars taking 360 degree images of all cities, I wondered what they did with all that data apart from in the maps.
The Google night-walk project works just like an audio guide in a museum, narrators Julie and Christophe lead you across the city and point out places of interest. It’s immersive and educational, explaining the history and context behind Marseille’s landmarks. Quite an immersive experience this.

Interestingly certain hotspots trigger YouTube clips, Wikipedia extracts and photo galleries, creating a multi-layered virtual reality experience.
Is this the future of museum culture?



While in class today, Ben (my tutor) mentioned the phrase in relation to Big Data and my mind immediately jumped to something I’d read a while ago. “According to a research conducted at Stanford University, people are 26% more active when they’re being monitored.”

Is Big data is the new Big Brother ?
Measurement Fallacy.