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When Google strung at our heartstrings with the ad ‘Reunion’, much of India went ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’.
3.5 million views in 4 days. Viral on all social media platforms. One fundamental question though was un-answered.

Why would Google make an ad for ‘Search’??

My friend, Himanshu explains, this piece in response to the question.
It’s the advent of a viscous circle. Technology reflected on human behavior reflected back on technology. Is this advertising’s Design Noir?


While reading Design Noir – The Secret Life of Electronic Objects, the idea that struck me the most is that of how digital space makes for a homogenous community. Technology now limits individuality. The complex nature of a social culture is almost ignored. Everyone is a stereotype. Everyone can be fit into a ‘mould’. Of how the mould came into existence …

‘Future Forecasters’ as Anthony Dunne calls the decision makers, play a conservative role – predicting human behavior within the limitations of technology. It is as if weaving new meanings to an already existing reality. A comfortable new.

Technology has already changed the way we behave and interact with other human beings. Our cultural and natural heritages are both irreplaceable sources of vitality and inspiration and yet we choose to ignore to comply with the limitations of technology.
Take social networks for instance. With more that 1.1 billion users across the globe, with different backgrounds and social upbringing, all user profiles look the same. With the introduction of a customizable cover pictures, users have recently taken to personalizing their pages. It is an irony given we are living in an age of complete customization. It is ‘design for an individual’ and not design for a group anymore.

Which raises a question in my mind, Is the dependance on technology making us less ‘human’?
Lose your password and the computer is already asking you if you’re human! [CAPTCHA]