Day Tripping at Windsor

There is something about girls and castles. Or maybe it’s just me ….
Having heard (and read on Tripadvisor) so much about the Windsor castle, I decided to finally give it a go on a lovely cold Monday morning. Owing to the fact that it was a Monday in January (not mid-term) I presumed the crowd to be thin. But to my surprise, if the number of people on a Monday is anything to go by, I can only imagine what the weekends would be like.

The train journey from London to Windsor and Eton Central is pretty fast and the little two coach train that greets you at Slough is just plain adorable. That said, don’t be fooled by Google map’s efforts in getting you lost in Windsor. Give the convoluted Google route a miss and follow the clearly marked signage around the town to find places. The castle is pretty breathtaking in itself. Quite literally overflowing with English opulence. It’s a pity you’re not allowed to take pictures in the state rooms but then again maybe there lies its allure. The audio guide is an absolute must and takes one through the castle and state rooms pretty swift. Though I have to say, I was a bit disappointed by the ‘doll house’.

Not so much an art lover, portraiture per se, I have to admit, some of the Van Dycks were absolutely spectacular! The silk in his paintings are still gleaming! A little walk around town and a quick visit to Eton later, I was back in London.

A day quite well spent.

p.s. Stopped at a little cafe by the river called, The Chocolate cafe. They had the most delicious apple pie and hot chocolate.


Bath and Beyond

While London is an interesting city in itself, it could get a little monotonous. Having exhausted all the pubs in London, I decided to give Friday night a try in Bath. The drive from London was a pretty peaceful two hours but what was more exciting was the sunshine that greeted me near Swindon. Oh beautiful sun! One wrong turn and I found myself in Bristol driving along the river while looking for a pub for a quick round of Pimms.
Bath maybe on every tourists’ hotlist, but I found the city a little overrated (or probably because fall is not the best time to visit). I would rather spend my £20 at the heated Bath spa than have me walking around a tank for the same price. The town is quiet and cosy and the hike up the Cathedral gives a breathtaking view of the town. Friday night at Bath maybe less taxing on your purse strings than London. Lots of little restaurants and clubs to try out. My favorite one being Graze at Brunel Square. A little up the road, The Cosy Club was also a wonderful little haunt. Very unlike London, very rustic, very festive. Having said that, the English countryside is an absolute delight with its fall colors and natural ambient light. Also on the way stop by at the Fairtrade village, Saltford for some goodies at reasonable prices.

Here’s to more such unexpected adventures.