Excerpts from the Alpha-Ville Experience

Aptly titled, Alpha Ville Exchange was an interesting platform to experience how different designers tackle the idea of interaction. Of using technology without letting it overwhelm you.
Being a newbie in the interaction design sphere, this was quite an eye opening series of talks about the scope of sphere rather than its boundaries. Many a thoughts passed through my brain but here are a few quotes and projects that I fancied.

Alpha ville exchange

At the very beginning, Eno Henze spoke about how not to let technology dictate your design but use it as a tool of expression. I loved his idea of producing generative artwork in a physical form,
re-incorporate it in the realm of human reality. It exists not only in the computer as a file but as something you own.
“You possess the art again.”

Genius! I think every one looks for a bit of themselves in the projects that they take on.

Sougwen Chung’s

<me> ? </me>

“My drawings are like a map. A map of who I am … where I am going.” ~ Shantell Martin.
“Everything is a mistake. So learn to enjoy them.” As much as I loved her work for the organic quality of it, the lack of interactivity makes it more a piece of art, of self expression than design. The problem with self expression is that it is biased and subjective and when exposed for public viewing, more often than not, it is not collectively agreed upon. But I guess she stands correct on ” … you cannot make everyone happy!”

The real highlight of the evening were the numerous data visualization projects. Data visualization is essentially simplifying data generated by humans, compiled by technology. Some of the simplifications are a result of complex mathematical algorithms. I find this blurred line between simplicity and complexity very interesting. Data Visualization vs. Data Illustration. Another major question that came up was the honesty in data representation when aesthetics is the prime focus. How much of the final product is true to the initial quantum provided?

My favorite piece of text from the whole day came from the comic relief act, Helicar + Lewis. The showcase of their playful interactions. Users as participants of a piece.

“The real world is a killer app.
That’s where we like to do our interactions.”

This was also my first time in East London so goes without saying that I was rather taken by the street art and graffiti of the space. 

#Win Day!



Student Night at the Wallace

The Wallace collection recently hosted an exclusive Student’s night, an after hours access to the galleries with guided tours and activities. Situated at Manchester Square, the beautiful bungalow [manor’s more the word] houses the most regal rooms I’ve ever seen!

Each room in the color of a royal shade gilded with gold. Later, it was revealed that each of the rooms had been covered in silk manufactured from Paris and not wallpaper, as many of us had expected.
The guided tour was actually quite engaging.
A painting is just a painting on the wall until you know the story behind it.
The lady who took us around narrated the beautiful stories behind each object. Too bad it lasted only 20 mins. I was hoping she’d go on forever.
Lady Pompadour was a vision herself, gliding around the manor in her French finery answering questions. Venetian mask making workshop was almost over by the time I reached it. Chocolate animation was rather interesting but a lot to take in, in two hours.

A glass of wine, fine company, breathtaking art in the backdrop of romantic London weather… an evening well spent!
[also included aimless wandering resulting in 2 extra pounds on my way home]