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All along in my undergraduate studies and up until now, I’ve always looked at design as a problem solving tool.
There is a problem. Identify it. Address it. Design for it.
So when along came Dunne + Ruby with the idea of design as a tool to question and not answer, my foundations were a little shaken.

Design as a provocateur?

Their work to me borders on the fine line between satire and parody.
Having said that, it walks a fine line between being a ‘design’ and being a ‘piece of art’. What differentiates the two, in my opinion, is the work’s ability to relate to everyday functionality. Design as an inherent part of life.
The Statistical Clock from the series “Do you want to replace the existing normal?” is my favorite piece. For as long as I can remember, the morning news has been a ritual and elemental in my growing up. If you didn’t start the day with a brush through the newspaper, it seemed incomplete. Back in the days politics and business formed the main content of such a publication or broadcast but increasingly news of murder, rape, accidents, death have been crowding the first page/headlines.
How many of us want to start the day on a morose note?

It is then only but ironic that the same newspaper report about ‘Happiness Quotient’!

Thought provoking indeed.


In Amit Pitaru‘s own words, his work explores the confluence of ‘music-production methods and visual design and motion’.
“Listening to music is a most engaging experience for me – it can significantly affect my mood and take over my mind. I would like to create work that delivers the same engaging experience.”