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… And going with my recent fixation of all things Belgian [ hint, hint ] I’ve found me the next perfect thing to fall in love with. The Belgian DJ/Producer Stephen Fasano better known as The Magician, makes the most soulful house mixes. Add to the mix a bit of my favorite Years and Years, and we have a winner!
As funny as the video is, while I wait for some sunshine in this cold city London, these words are what I live by …

And it fills me up,
and it starts to shine.
And I see it burn when you bring me sunlight.


In Amit Pitaru‘s own words, his work explores the confluence of ‘music-production methods and visual design and motion’.
“Listening to music is a most engaging experience for me – it can significantly affect my mood and take over my mind. I would like to create work that delivers the same engaging experience.”